Because I regularly get questions like “what are the dimensions of the work” and “what are the prices” or “do you have any more work” I show you below some online galleries where you can find more information. Even larger in consultation.

My photo art can be delivered in almost any size imaginable; up to 120 x 120 cm [square format] or 120 x 100 cm. in rectangular format.

  • printed on dibond or
  • printed on acrylic glass or
  • printed on Fuji paper chrystal archive professional dpII mounted on dibond behind acrylic glass. Every artwork is ready to hang, because of a sturdy aluminium hanging system.

you always can ask me for a fair price | please mail me with your wishes or questions.

My ideas and statements about ART: 
I think that art gives us back to ourselves in a renewed state. 
By paying attention to art for a moment, we tap into a source within ourselves and we gain access to the imagination. 
Art offers us new perspectives, makes us think and activates our senses. Art gives us value so that we feel we can be different from what we tend to think. 
She teaches us how we can free ourselves from our regular pattern, rise above ourselves and open ourselves to other people, to the world

« Composing artworks for me almost is a philosophic question in transferring my thoughts into metaphorical representations. »

As Singulart Paris writes:

“Geert Lemmers is a prizewinning artist from the Netherlands whose works have been featured in shows internationally. Working across painting and photography, Lemmers is inspired by philosophical questions and creates digitally altered images and abstract paintings that reveal hidden worlds. His work is characterized by enlarged characters in chaos, beauty, and imperfection”.

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